The Recovery Process

Fraudulent websites and apps go out of their way to instill a sense of urgency to get customers’ money and personal information. From fake surveys, to phishing attacks, to pop-ups, to driving customers to unnatural websites and forming sales messages into the most unlikely of places, these scams are designed to keep you coming back for more.

But it is at the heart of it all.

Without having your password and social security number, you can’t gain access to your credit report. But, if you do login, you give that information away willingly. It’s basically a way for scammers to say they’ve received a fresh batch of personal information about you, and it only takes a few minutes for them to make use of it.

What is the recovery process?

Through the recovery process, you will be able to assess whether or not you need the service of a recovery company. Not all fraud victims require the help of recovery companies. However, in most cases, they do, or they have a strong faith in those who can help them. The main things that you need to remember are that recovery companies are meant to ensure the recovery of your money from a fraudulent entity. And all recovery companies have very good credentials.

A good number of scams involve online payments. This is because most of the fraudsters have no physical location to which to return payments. It is important to remember that getting the full amount back from the scammer may not be an option at all.

How much are you able to recover?

How much money you can recover depends on a number of factors such as:

The kind of fraud perpetrated

The kind of offender

How severe your losses were

The actions taken by the offender

All of these factors may be taken into account in deciding your compensation. The financial compensation awarded by your recovery agency would depend on the harm done by the offender, the type of recovery process (such as restitution or garnishment) that’s selected for your recovery and the amount you’re entitled to receive.

What benefits can you expect from a recovery agency?

Investment recovery agencies provide you with the following benefits:

On-time restitution.

Full disclosure of all the details regarding your fraud.

Improved career prospects.

Who are recovery companies?

Recovery companies are not only for recovering your stolen funds but also assisting those victims who have suffered another type of crime, which we shall refer to as: False statement.

False statement occurs when a scammer begins a conversation with you, whether on social media or by telephone. As soon as he/she gets your attention, the conversation begins to pivot towards you being the victim of identity theft. The first question asked by the scammer: “Is your name Kevin Mathews?” This is typically followed up by the fraudster stating that they found your details in a database and claim to have further evidence as well. Then the victim is bombarded with questions as to what they can do and how to retrieve their stolen identity documents.


It can be a daunting and even stressful to deal with someone who has a history of stealing money and destroying the trust you had with them. However, the sooner you bring the issue up and initiate the action plan, the more your money can be recovered and preserved. And if you do not speak up, this can be the end of your relationship with this individual. Be careful when dealing with this type of individuals and be prepared to face the consequences if you allow them to get away with their illegal actions.