The History of Crypto

Today, people assume that if they spend money online, they are protected as long as they send money to a real online merchant. Yet that is not the case. There are those criminals who hack into these online platforms, gain your trust, and later trick you into wiring a portion of your crypto assets to them. Then they ask for your hard-earned funds back or they claim the account was hacked and ask you to send them the money to fix the problem.

Fund recovery companies ize in dealing with these type of criminals by tracking the account in question and disputing the claimed losses on their behalf. They provide clients with simple, step-by-step recovery solutions for these type of crypto scams. With this company you do not need to be a crypto guru to disassociate yourself from fraudsters.

What Is A “Crypto Trace”?

When a victim gets scammed, they’re subjected to crypto trace. The victims that get caught up with crypto trace are those that got scammed from the cryptocurrency exchange Crypto.Exchange.

How Does Crypto Trace Work?

When a person is scammed by Crypto.Exchange, he/she will be sent to the crypto trace page where the scammers are registered and their IP addresses. They will then have to provide information related to the cybercrime to them. This would be done by the agent of the recovered funds. This would include a link to where the person would be directed to in order to recover his/her funds.

Though many people consider the tracing process to be a scam, but the truth is that this is a legitimate procedure, which is set up to aid victims of cybercrime.

How Companies Recover Money From Online Thieves

Fund recovery companies work under the principle of protection. This basically means that the organization works in accordance with the needs of the victim and the goals of the perpetrator.

First, the company works to bring the victim’s money back in a timely manner. Next, they will legally prevent the perpetrator from reusing your stolen funds. Third, they will have to provide you with a minimum amount of compensation and security against future fraud. After all is said and done, the company ensures you that the perpetrator will suffer the maximum punishment.


While cryptocurrency has been plagued with constant issues and its own dangers, we can’t help but admire the crypto community for doing the right thing. Instead of wanting to move forward and abandon the crypto world, a part of the community has shown that they are still determined to go on with the growth and success. They’ve accepted what is happening as something that they have no control over and are dedicated to moving on in a positive direction.

You have to applaud these crypto holders because in the end, it has just strengthened the crypto movement, made it stronger and has definitely shown the world that what’s good about this crypto revolution is far more than anything bad that’s happening around it. You can watch a full video of this special moment below.